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Megan is an artisan in the truest form. She has a passion for creating and building with her hands. Her attention to detail is unmatched as she meticulously strings each bead, fastens each crystal, and curates each line in her collection personally. With her client in mind, she knows that having layers and options is crucial to putting together the perfect touch to finishing an outfit. 

Megan Rae Jewelry was born from her love of art and design since childhood. Growing up in New Zealand, among the shells on the beaches, her inspiration comes from nature with a nostalgic twist. She uses only the highest quality, individually sourced materials, and intentional design to represent her style and love for fashion. 

For over a decade, Megan's creations have been worn by women who appreciate simple and classy elements. While showing their individuality, they build the look they love with the inspiring pieces that she crafts. Constantly evolving and adding new ideas, her collection is growing as fast as her brand.